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Entry #1

Morning Bros -_-

2/2/14 by DarkMareMoonWolf

Morning Bros, Will There Ever Be A New Face In Li- Yes They Will ;-; Its Not Like Im The Noob. Im Just Too Rasict About School Tomorrow, Teachers Are So Cruel Like Hehehe, Omfg Teachers Are So Strict I Know Alot Of Them Are But Why Cant They be Happy And Kind In There Life? Oh Well You Dont Wanna Talk About It ;3 Its Always Trouble Double For Public Fans -_- Anyways.. Furb- Yes I Know Furbies! Shitty Shit There So Nosiey As Fuck -_- But Who Can Handle It?! Your Daughter/Son Of Course ;-; You Know What Got Into These Kids... 1 Hour Later.. TAHHRRR DO DAH DAH TAH  BAH DAH! Yes.. Its Tr- SSHHHHSSHH My Gawd, Glad Dat Stopped Well I Need To Go Party All Night, And Also.. 


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